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Fill out the online membership application below.  Once submitted, it will be sent to the AHTA Club Secretary and payment information will be provided.  If you prefer a printable member application, it can be found here:  "printable" Member Application.

Note:  This application is for "new members" only.  Renewal applications for existing members are available here:  Renewal Application

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Submission of this form, by clicking the "Submit Application" button, in combination with your typed name and date (above) serves as an "electronic signature" (in lieu of a physical signature).  By doing so, you affirm that all of the information entered above is correct to the extent of your knowledge. Furthermore, if your membership application is approved, you (and/or your family) agree to abide by all of the current official rules and regulations of both the American Hairless Terrier Association (AHTA) and the United Kennel Club (UKC).


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